Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Past Few Weeks

I got to London on Aug 25th and since then I have done and seen a bunch of exciting stuff.  I spent the first three weeks in a Hostel in New Cross area Called The New Cross Inn http://www.newcrossinn.co.uk/New Cross was 30 min by tube or train to central London.  While I was at the hostel I met a bunch of great people from all over the UK and Europe.  I made a bunch of friends.  I would go to the pub and watch a bit of Rugby with the guys.  I also did way, way, too much drinking with these to mates of mine Tracy and Jason.  Jason is Scottish and Tracy is Australian. To quote Tracy, "We got right Pissed!" This one night we were drinking to celebrate Jason's birthday and we started drinking beer at around 6pm and finished the night off with brandy and Coke and I went to bed at around 7am.  It was a great time.

Now I have moved to a letting in the area of Barking.  I have my own room now and it is way nicer.  The only issue is that within the first 24 hrs being there a workman doing drywall work in the bath room stole my Red Wing Boot from the shoe rack next to the front door. The land lady makes us take off our shoes at the door because of the carpets in the house and it didn't seem necessary to me to take them to my room since everyone leaves there shoes there. I so far have been very diplomatic about it and suggested to her that maybe he picked them up by mistake and I informed her that these are expensive boots and she needs to call her workman about them.  She has not gotten back with me about it yet and I'm a bit frustrated about it.  This lady made me jump trough so many hoops to rent this room. She made me meet her on a street corner and wouldn't tell me the address until after she met me first.  She told me to pay the first month rent in to her account at the bank in cash then made me go back to the bank to double check they deposited it.  She checked with the school to see if I was really a student, she wanted copies of my Student Visa.  She even leaves the telly on all night down stairs to ward off break ins.  But doesn't seem able to pin down where my boots have gone to. I'm quite pissed about the whole ordeal.         

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  1. The telly? See, you're already starting to sound British.